All Days Are Nights

One blink and then my heart wasn't there no more

trusea is...
Sentimental, obsessive and not really rational. Exceptionally good at procrastinating. An incurable romantic since 13. An Anglophile.

My OTP is Archie/Horatio from Hornblower.

I like Lord of the Rings and the Aubrey-Maturin books and film, but I'm not active in those two fandoms, and I don't really slash them.

Also, I'm a Doctor Who fan sometimes.

Part of this journal is friends only. I prefer to keep some of my posts, especially non-fannish ones, among people I feel comfortable with.

Friend me and I'll friend you back if we share some interests and you seem a nice person - unless you somehow know me in Real Life and for some reason want to stalk me here. Otherwise, more LJ love is always good :)

In case of emergency/LJ drama etc, I have a backup journal: teac@InsaneJournal.

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